Bahatech Partnership Model

At Bahatech Technology, our offshore partnership models are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We are open to using one of the pre-existing models listed below or coming up with another one that works the best for you.

In our years of experience, the partnership models listed below are the ones that have worked the best for our clients.

Project Specific

We can take up your project from any point in the development lifecycle. We deliver the product as per your specifications. We can also send our team onsite if required. Everything is at a pre-fixed rate based on an effort estimate.

Dedicated Resources

This model applies when you have a project in hand and you require extra resources to carry out part of the project, or the entire project. These resources include Infrastructure, personnel, management and testing to name a few.

Management Requirements

We can supervise and manage your staff at our facility for any software application development for a fixed duration in India. This team works under your administration and we supervise them on your behalf. We will recruit the staff based on qualifications given by you. The staff will be paid by your company and we will charge you for our management services.


The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, We install all hardware, software and office infrastructure. A dedicated team of professionals (account managers, project manager(s), developers, testing team, support team, etc) will provide an entire set of services for the set-up of your development facility. The requisite IP documentation and NDA are signed by all involved.

Joint Venture

We install all hardware, software, office infrastructure and offer a team of professionals to provide the entire set of services for the set up of a development facility that is a joint venture between Bahatech and yourself.