Corporate Infrastructure has offices in the United States an associated operations center expansion. The center is equipped with a world class wide range of products and an infrastructure that develops, tests and maintains the inventory on the basis of client's requirements and delivers the end product on time. Bahatech also ensures optimum power and telecom backup and intrinsic redundancy. This infrastructure brings in flawless connection between our teams of professionals and our clients with the assurance to keep client data safe and secure.

We deploy the latest technological resources that allow us to test critical products under tight schedules. The resources at our disposal that help us replicate thousands of concurrent users include:-

Operating Systems

Windows 9X , 2000, ME, 2003, NT 4.0, NT/2000, XP, Pocket PC OS , Solaris 2.X, Linux, Unix emulator, Mac OS, Cygwin

Front ends

Thick clients (Windows, X Windows, Command interface), Browser clients (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator), MS IIS, MS MTS, .Net server


MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle 8/9 i, Oracle Monitor/Replicator, SYBASE, MySQL

Application/Web Servers

Apache web server, Jakarta Tomcat Weblogic application server, Websphere application server, Communications equipment


MSMQ, MS Exchange, LDAP, Active Directory, Unix/Linux based mail solutions, IBM MQ Series