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Bahatech Technology provides maintenance services for big bequest systems. Our maintenance services include, grave modifications and enhancements done for utmost production support. All organizations want application support. Most product firms find it troublesome to maintain the install base on bequest versions of the software. Systems and databases need regular maintenance, purposeful modification done periodically and shifting business models drive. Such systems are client/server specific and usually essential to a client's business. Our goal is to check for new service requirements and fix any abnormalities that might occur during system integration.

Bahatech's IT professionals take an engineering approach to software maintenance, focusing on the long-term functionality and stability of the client's overall system and attempting to avoid problems from "quick-fix" solutions. Our maintenance and application support solutions ensure that your systems are flexible and evolve with your business.

While taking ownership of our clients' Maintenance and Application support projects, we first define their business objectives in terms of the time frame during which they would like to support the product and the budget they have in mind. We then, assemble an expert team that matches their requirements. Our teams then take over their code base and maintain it for the lifetime of the product, while ensuring that the specified Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are adhered to.

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