Corporate Management

Bahatech Technology's management team is made up of committed, talented and focused individuals who epitomize the vibrant Bahatech work culture. They have a combined experience of 40+ years of working with multinational conglomerates in the USA. They have the vision and the expertise to enable Bahatech to achieve new paradigms of excellence in the software arena. Many of the senior management have been part of the pilot team, being with the company since inception.

The Bahatech technology management team with their broad experience and extremely high motivation levels deliver exceptional performance and generate great value for clients. They are responsible for propelling Bahatech Technology onto an explosive growth trajectory.

The key individuals who constitute Bahatech's management team include the:

Managing Director - Nakul Sood

Our managing director has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and corporate management. Previously, he was a Product Manager of a US based software development company, where he personally led a team of 40 developers in the Silicon Valley, US. His expertise extends across a wide range of domains including e-commerce, finance and telecom. With a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, and a Master in Business Administration degree from a prestigious university in USA, he is the force and the vision behind Bahatech's explosive growth. His fundamental focus on developing relationships and partnering with customers has given rise to an organization that provides high quality products and services to leading organizations across the world.

Director of Operations - Sidharth Sood

Our Director -Operations has worked in sales and marketing, and has been involved in managing global marketing strategy including solutions, product, partner, customer and field marketing as well as communications, awareness and branding for several companies in the US, including Bloomberg LP, a leading financial information company in New York City. His current responsibilities include client relationship, career management, resource allocation & optimization. He also leads the human capital, quality, infrastructure & administration functions for the company on a global basis. As a core team member of the start-up operation, his focus was on strategic hiring of the top team and in creating the processes and systems for ensuring effective delivery of services. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, Finance from a leading institute in the USA.

Director Of Engineering

Our Director of Engineering is a Post Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. He has more than 12 years of engineering and system design experience. As the Director of Engineering, he determines and focuses on the corporate strategy around technology and is accountable for the performance of projects. He also defines and maintains effective and innovative software architecture for Bahatech. He has helped Bahatech in transforming itself into a reputed company by embracing new and emerging technologies at early stages, and honing the existing technical expertise. His other responsibilities include developing technical support plans, training programs and so on. Prior to joining Bahatech, he was head of product development at a leading US based ISV.

Director of HR

Our Director (HR) has had 30 years of experience in the recruitment and human resources management area in a career spanning several years. He has done his MBA, specializing in human resources, from a leading B-school. His experience spans all the different functions of HR, covering staffing, compensation and benefits, employee relations, training development and organizational development. He has led a number of strategic recruitment and management initiatives at Bahatech that have enabled us to recruit and retain top-notch talent in varied domains. He is responsible for the complete spectrum of HR functions at Bahatech including talent acquisition, development and retention.

Director of Sales

Our Director of Sales and marketing has previously worked in sales at various health care facilities in the New York City area. After obtaining a Masters degree in Business Management from the US, she has been involved in all aspects of sales. In addition to the varied responsibilities of her formal role, she heads the customer advocacy group at Bahatech and oversees global marketing, brand strategy, corporate and industry communications, and demand generation for the company.