Corporate Profile

Bahatech is a company of choice for the many who believe in high performance software solutions and technology integration. We have grown from a development company into an R&D investment entity for leading ISVís across the United States.

The services we provide is backed by an excellent team having 40+ years of experience to work with multinational conglomerates in the USA. We are visionaries and know what it takes to run a world class software company and we deliver the best.

We are the icons and the perfect example of how product development has moved beyond labor cost arbitrage to transforming into a true contributor to product innovation. We have a satisfied client base across U.S markets who have shown trust in us and reinvested in new design implementations and have considerably enlarged existing groups.

Our huge portfolio of projects shows diligent efforts put forward in internet and intranet technologies, mission-critical internet and n-tier enterprise applications and system programming. Our domain expertise extends across many business verticals namely- Internet Advertising, CRM, Networking, Security, Healthcare, Telecom, Grid Computing, Logistics, Finance, etc.

Bahatech as a strategic option

We are the best and are sincere in what we do and that is why we have become the best strategic option when it comes to software development. We have been the perfect choice among leading ISVs who come to us for strategic R&D and end to end product development. Leading companies have believed in us as we share their vision and play our part in contributing to it until it materializes. We have gone a step further in realizing the competitive pressures they face, to making new merchandise, adding more features to the existing software, customization and faster delivery of products and services.