Risk Mitigation Process

At Bahatech Technology, we follow an established risk management and risk mitigation practice to ensure on-time, on-budget completion of projects and to ensure all the specifications are met.

Such a practice aims to identify potential risks associated with each new project, enabling our risk management team to address these problems quickly and effectively if and when they occur.

Bahatech's methodology represents an optimization of standard risk management techniques and best practices established through many years of project development experience. The important features of our risk mitigation methodology include:

Risk Identification

Our risk management team analyses the potential risks associated with a project and groups these into major risk area. Detailed reports are created which includes the risk identification and analysis report. This process involves the project manager and the programming resources.

Risk Mitigation Strategy

Based on the reports created above, the risk management team, the project manager and the programming resources create a set of coordinated mitigation plan to address the major risk areas.

Strategy Implementation

Once the risk mitigation strategy is defined, it is entered into our version control tool and is put in the critical path of the project. The strategy is reviewed and updated periodically by the project manager to ensure that it is current and relevant to the ongoing project.