Software Maintenance

Bahatech Technology provides maintenance services for giant inheritance systems. Maintenance services embody major and minor changes, updates and product support. Such systems are usually essential to a client's business, although after a certain time period systems becomes more and more complex and expensive for the client. Bahatech's IT professionals have a technical bent of mind to engineer software maintenance, that specializes in long term stability and proper functioning of the software designed for the client and trying to avoid issues that mainly arise due to hurried and temporary problem resolutions. We keep an eye and assure that the software we develop receive timely updates as the business evolves.

The primary goal of the maintenance and support phase of software development is to service new requirements and to fix anomalies that occur in the real world implementation of the software.

Bahatech Technology's Software maintenance services help our clients achieve their business' objectives, by providing dedicated and reliable on-time maintenance support to enhance the value of their existing products. We have a proven track record of exceptional software maintenance support.

Your software maintenance operations to us guarantees efficiency and effectiveness, thereby bringing down their total cost of ownership (TCO) while simultaneously resulting in improved quality and service levels. Our fine-tuned software maintenance processes enable you to focus on your core activities and free up your resources while leaving the nitty-gritty to us. Our time-tested procedures lead to smooth transitions and leave no room for initial hiccups. This allows us to confidently assume ownership of your software maintenance activities and ensure business continuity and risk mitigation. Our hands-on, proactive approach to all aspects of software maintenance has made us the service provider of choice for several leading ISVs in USA.

To execute the maintenance, we can access our client's infrastructure either by replicating the client's environment or through the use of high-speed communication links.

The tasks we focus on during the maintenance phase include:

Our key delivery is an enhanced or maintained operational information system and we constantly keep this in focus.