Strategy & Architecture

The Bahatech Technology team works very closely with your business and IT team to solidify your business goals, then move forward to plan the strategy, design the architecture, then implement, manage, and support the solution.

Our Strategy and Architecture team can show you how and where IT contributes to your business and can develop new ways of managing and enhancing the value of your investment in it. A well constructed architecture provides a stable framework for consistent IT decision-making in a way that can help insulate your organization from the complexity of rapid technology and business change.

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated specialists, possessing a high degree of vertical industry expertise, can enable you to align your IT strategy and technical architectures directly with your business strategy, while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Our team takes the full initiative in designing the skeleton of a software system, emphasizing a clear definition of the structure, communication and interrelationship of the body of the components that fulfills the purpose of a given software system. Our architectures balance all interoperability of the core behavior to fulfill the needs of the software system users. We design architectures that support both static and dynamic component configuration through a set of well-documented interfaces or contract known to the clients of the components of a given software system. It is described in a set of patterns that facilitates clarity and serves as a simple means of communication to the system stakeholders. Software architecture should support changeability, expendability, portability, scalability, reusability to mention a few.

The methodology that we follow in providing Strategy and Architecture solutions involves several stages:

In the initial stage, we conduct and in-depth requirements analysis to understand our clients' business objectives. Our Strategy and Architecture team then collaborates with our clients to identify change drivers and expose hidden factors that may impact the architecture in the long term. In the Next stage, our team identifies redundancies and recurrences that can be consolidated to achieve simplicity and future reuse. Aspects such as configurability, customizability and flexibility are examined carefully so that they can be built into the design and solution architecture. Finally, we deliver an implementation plan that empowers our clients with a clear roadmap to create platforms, products and solutions.

Our Strategy & Architecture solutions deliver measurable business benefits such as the following:

Significant reduction in development, deployment, integration, and maintenance costs due to a better architecture that is built to last.