Technical Support

Bahatech provides 24x7 support and all required help to set up the best software for you. Help is a click away with Bahatech technical help desk taking care of system setups, functionality, peripherals, home network configurations, updates, constant maintenance of servers, full PC security and a resourceful and knowledgeable help desk to reach out to the clients on critical crises. We have a trained, well skilled and certified technical and troubleshooting staff for all software related technical aspects to ensure smooth running of the software developed. Not just this, the technical troubleshooting team follows a structured process and gives expert opinion in order to decrease various threats.

We provide technical support at 3 levels. Depending upon the complexity of the support required, the level of support is determined. Enlisted below are the typical levels of support provided:

Level 1

Basic how-to questions with regards to productivity tools functionality.

Level 2

Production tasks that require manual intervention (editing configuration files, modifying site components, correcting errors, etc.) Level 2 Vendor support staffs assign the appropriate level of access to the system to perform these tasks.

Level 3

Application errors and bugs that require code modification for resolution. These issues are escalated to the product group once all other troubleshooting activities have failed to resolve the incident.

Customer satisfaction is the key word for the success of any business. The expanding technology products market has made it increasingly important to assure customer satisfaction with the product or service purchased. This in turn necessitates the deployment of specialized resources to service the customer queries - resources that have the technical knowledge to appropriately address these queries. One of the crucial factors for a customer to upgrade or purchase a new release of a product is the vendor's capability to provide high quality technical support. However, skilled resource availability and costs often restrict companies from offering that "little extra" as a value added proposition.

Benefits - Why Bahatech for technical support services?

Some of the Key Benefits for companies to outsource the technical support function to Bahatech are:

Service Channels

Bahatech brings the expertise to support your processes through multiple service channels. We use the best mix of the service channels to suit your unique requirements. All our agents are trained to provide support for multiple channels and use one or more than one medium for communicating and processing a contact / record. The various service channels have been listed below:


Enlisted below are some of the services we provide:


We provide email support for various service requirements. Responses could vary from simple to very complex technical email queries. Appropriate training makes it possible for our executives to flawlessly handle all the queries. Our services include:


We provide 24x7 chat support for various client queries. Queries could range from basic client servicing queries to hard-core technical support including assisting clients to go live on technical support through real-time chat by migrating phone users. We have expertise in providing chat support for:

Customer Support Services:

Bahatech technology provides a wide range of support services. We are open to exploring new avenues in customer support services, without restricting ourselves to our current services only. A partial list of the support services we currently provide is given below: